Math Teaching Practices

Jelly Bean Task (Proportional Reasoning & Ratio)

Jelly Bean Transcript 

Jelly Bean Student Work 

Jelly Bean Task and Lesson  Jelly Beans Packet

Jelly Bean Video with Teacher Narrative on MTP

2021 AMTE presentation and Handout

Crab Walk Relay (Number Sense & Computation)

Crab Walk Relay Lesson with anticipated strategies

Crab Walk Relay Analysis of Student Work  Watch the video

Cat Food Task (Fraction & Computation)

Cat Food

Cat Food Lesson Plan 

Cat Food Student Work Analysis

Lassie’s Meal Plan (Fraction & Computation)

Lassie’s Meal Video

Lassie’s Meal Lesson Plan

Lassie’s Meal Student Work Analysis 

Football Fans (Computation)

Football Fan Video

Football Fan Lesson 

Deca Tree (Number Sense & Place Value)

Deca Tree Video 

Deca Tree Lesson Plan  with Student Work

Closest to 1 (Rational Numbers  & Computations)

Closest to 1 Lesson Plan with Student Work

MTP analysis

Tools for Video Analysis PTA 

AMTE Presentation-Pedagogical Courage