Advancing Equity and Strengthening Teaching with Elementary Mathematical Modeling is a teacher PD project focused on strengthening K-5 teaching with mathematics modeling. Building on previous foundational work around mathematics modeling and equity, this project will bring together equity oriented teaching practices and mathematical modeling to design and research the impact of a blended PD program on teacher practice. The project will include video-enhanced reflection and online mentoring in addition to face-to-face components of PD.

This exciting project partnership with George Mason University and the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is to offer strength-based formative assessment and bridging activities to support instruction for K-8 students.

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Family of Problems from Lesson Study



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Problem Solving Tools

Problems Powerpoint and e-learning
Algebra Habits of Mind Questions Handshake problem
Algebraic connections
POWERPOINT from VA Algebra Conference
Blackline masters
Five Star Representations Tooth Pick problem locker ppt
Research on Difficulties with Symbols Mp3 lesson Algebra: Learning math
5 Star Algebraic Connections (open-ended) Logic problems Numbers: Learning math
Teaching mathematics methods Pattern, functions and algebra (VDOE resource) IMPACT Conference resources
5 Star Algebraic Connections Penny jar problem and more Geometry: Learning math
Algebra Questions (Blanton, 2008) Lesson study template Middle school math
Algebra strategy cards Hosting lesson study checklist Insights into Algebra
Problem solving cards     bookmarks Research on Algebra
Pattern cards Common Core algebra and operations VA SOL 2009 Algebra strand k-8

Math Apps

Diagonal of a Polygon

Quadratic Functions

Modeling Multiplication of Fractions

Modeling Division

Sum of Consecutive Odd Numbers

Functions and Patterns

Math Behind the GPS

Projectile Motion

  Triple Variation

  Counting Squares

Counting Rectangles

Counting Triangles

Uniform Motion Passing

Unifrom Motion Chasing

Unifrom Motion Opposite

Unifrom Motion Round Trip

Unifrom Motion Upstream Downstream

Slope-Intercept Form

Intersection of Lines

Pipeline Problem

Calculating Z-Scores

Ordering Fractions

Simple Machines


Pattern Block Activity

Circle Properties

Sharp Area

Polygon Area

Base Conversion

Data Analysis

Linear System

System of Linear Inequalities

Linear Programming

Integer Operations


Fair Share Problem

Age Problem

Investment Problem

Coin Problem

Vase Problem

Sticks and Stones Problem

Age-Height Problem

Rectilinear Motion

Function Transforms

Complex Roots