Family of Problems is dedicated to building a warehouse of creative, interactive, flexible “vertically articulated” problems for Grades 3-8 that promote reasoning and problem solving.  All the problems within this site have been successfully used by experienced math teachers in the classroom. These problems are also vertically articulated by grades. For example, each task is presented with a task for upper grade concepts. This allows teachers to use the problems across grade levels to unpack the learning progression. (see VAULT problems- Vertically Articulation to Unpack the Learning Trajectories) Problems are grouped based upon related content and learning concepts. Each problem is documented with a front door, lesson plan, and black line master; and links to its closely related problems. The problems are listed below organized by big idea. Enjoy!

Try some of our Family of Problem

Number Sense & Computation

Bundle of Books

Fun at the Fair

Party Time


Rational Numbers & Computation

Crab Walk Relay (see MTP in action)

Close to 1 (see MTP in action)

Cat Food (see MTP in action)

Lassie’s Meal (see MTP in action)

Proportional Reasoning

An Apple a Day

Bubble Gum


Solar Powered City


World’s Largest Cookie

Jelly Bean Ratios * (see MTP in action)

Algebraic Thinking

Carlos’ Cell Phones

Ichiro Problem


Magic Bag

Magic Vase

Magic Box

Spiders and Ants

Touchdown/field goals

Bikes and Trikes

Probability/Data Analysis

Magic Bag

Magic Vase

Magic Box

An Apple a Day

Solar Powered City

World’s Largest Cookie


Birthday Balloon Bash

Bucket of Trouble

Million Dollar Question