2. Making Assumptions

Make assumptions and focus the problem with information and mathematics.

  • What information do we already know/need to know to make a model?
  • What assumptions do we need to make to build a model?
  • What are some important quantities in your situation?
  • What mathematical tools could
  • you use in your model?

                                            KWI CHART

What do I know What do I wonder What information do I need

        Gathering Information

If I knew______, I could figure out_______

(For example, If I knew the cost of a school bus for a field trip, then I could figure out the cost of the transportation.

If I knew how many students and chaperones were coming on the trip, then I could figure out the total number of school buses we would need. )

what we know

Standard for Mathematical Practices:Reason abstractly and quantitatively.